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Alexander III (the Great) Silver Tetradrachm and Gold Stater


(July 356 BC – June 323 BC)


Gold Stater – NGC AU

Strike – 5/5

Surface – 5/5


Tetradrachm – NGC Ch AU

Strike – 4/5

Surface - 5/5


Alexander started his career being a great general fighting side by side

with Philip II (his father) and leading his own flanks in the army at the

tender age of 18.


When Alexander inherited the kingdom from his father at his passing, he

had a trained veteran army that he learned to command through first-hand



It is this army that Alexander the Great used to take over the known

world, from Greece to India, during his reign of 13 years.

Alexander's stunning conquest of the Persian /Achaemenid Empire delivered

into his hands a vast wealth of proportions so incredible that it was

scarcely believable. Vast stores of gold and silver that had been locked

away for centuries in the Great Kings' treasuries in Sardes, Susa,

Persepolis and Babylon flowed into Alexander's coffers. In Susa alone,

the loot amounted to 50,000 talents of silver and 40,000 of gold. (A talent was,

in Alexanders time, around 57 pounds or 26 kilograms, based on the Attic Standard).

Alexander was to become the wealthiest man on the face of the earth, as

the Macedonian kingdom spanned some three thousand miles at its greatest

length. The captured treasuries of Susa, Babylon and Persepolis provided a

treasure estimated at some one hundred and eighty thousand talents of gold and silver . A significant quantity of this captured gold and silver was transferred to various mints of antiquity where it was used for the production of Alexander’s gold staters and silver tetradrachms.


Boldly struck with superb surfaces (as noted by NGC), these classic Alexander coinage emissions in excellent quality are priced here as a pair for Only:  $7,750



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