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Everything about the way Coin Trader does business revolves around our core values.

We are and always have been dedicated to leaving each of our clients more secure in and satisfied with their finances. And that will never change.

-Victor DelGiorno



Expect the highest standard of professionalism when you work with an industry expert with decades of experience. You should never expect less.


Your privacy is our priority. You are entitled to complete confidentiality when it comes to how you protect your hard-earned wealth. Coin Trader respects that because Coin Trader respects you.

Sound Advice

Working with Coin Trader means having a trusted financial advisor looking out for you and your portfolio. All the expertise at our disposal will, seven days a week, be dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of wealth management.

You are in good hands.

Who We Are

Meet Victor

President & CEO, Coin Trader, Inc.

Victor DelGiorno brings decades of experience with precious metals and rare coins with him to work every single day.

He makes it his mission to serve Coin Trader clients and their families honorably and reliably, no matter what.

Victor designs Coin Trader’s products and services with retirement asset preservation in mind, while working to build his clients' hard-earned wealth.

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