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How to Collect  Charlotte & Dahlonega Mint  Gold Coins


I have found the following to be some of the best (and most profitable in the long run) ways to collect gold coins from Dahlonega:
1. The Basic 3-Coin Type Set:  This consists of any date $1 gold coin, any date $2.50 Coin, and any date $5.00 coin from the Charlotte or Dahlonega Mint. In “About Uncirculated” Condition, a pleasing basic 3Coin Type set may cost somewhere in the $11,000 range and take a moderate amount of time to assemble in current market conditions. I think a few hundred sets can be assembled in “AU” or better condition.


2. The Full 10-Coin (11 Coins with Optional $3 Indian Princess) Type Set: This consists of one coin from each denomination and major design from the Charlotte or Dahlonega Mint. This set may take a couple of years or more to assemble, and in “About Uncirculated” condition may cost in the $120,000 range ($165,000 range with the inclusion of the single 1854 $3 Dahlonega mint Indian Princess). We believe no more than about 12 collectors in the world can assemble the set in “AU” or better condition.  


3. The $1.00 Gold Set – 8 coins from Charlotte; 13 coins from Dahlonega mints.


4. The $2.50 Gold Set – 20 coins from both Charlotte and Dahlonega mints.


5. The $5.00 Gold Set – 24 coins from Charlotte; 26 coins from Dahlonega mints.


6. The Complete Dahlonega Gold Set: Assembling one each of every collectible gold coins from Charlotte (52) and Dahlonega gold coin (60
coins). Assembling one each gold coin in About Uncirculated condition or better would make the kind of collection that has only been assembled a handful of times in U.S. history. Finding the right coins would likely take over a decade and at current market levels might run in the $600,000 to $700,000 range. But the issue is availability, with some coins coming onto market very infrequently. Perhaps only 1 or 2 nice complete Dahlonega Gold sets like this can be assembled going forward, especially with other collectors and investors pursuing denomination-specific sets only


Victor Del Giorno

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