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Seize The Moment


Get In On The Ground Floor By Collecting and Investing In Certified Ancient Gold & Silver Coins

Most folks are stunned in disbelief to learn that ancient coins are available to private individuals and are not only available in museums.


I asked a few other US coin collectors and investors if they had heard of 2,000 year old coins being sold and they said they must be replicas: nothing that old could be so inexpensive.


Collecting & investing ancient coins opens your eyes to the ability to possess tangible connections to history. Virtually every ancient coin has a story behind it but some stand out as exceptional. You don’t have to be a museum to own:

  • A coin personally handed out by the emperor Titus to key spectators attending the first ever games held at the Coliseum.

  • A coin, which was buried at Pompeii for over 1800 years under the pile of ash, left from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

  • The coins of the most famous people of our world: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, and virtually every other historical figure.

  • Beautiful, large coins minted to be handed out as payment to mercenaries who just finished fighting a lengthy war.

  • Very artistic coins which were minted to specifically be used as the standard currency by all attendees at the ancient Olympics.

  • The coins, which Brutus minted to boldly, flaunt his assassination of Julius Caesar.

  • Coins depicting a variety of animals from all cultures across the world, engraved in the finest styles imaginable.

  • Coins, which circulated and could, have been used by the greatest philosophers and thinkers of history including Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle.



Ancient coins are far-reaching and relevant to all international cultures today. Bidders from China, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, the US, and the rest of the world attend all major auctions, meaning a very broad base of wealth is interested in acquiring pieces of the collective history of the world, unlike the more limited scope of other coin types.


From an investment perspective, quality ancient coins are overall highly undervalued. Looking at historic auction prices, the dramatic jumps in price have yet to happen but market conditions indicate that they will be doing so in the very near future. The best, most historic coins have already started to move up faster but are still very inexpensive compared to US coins.

The rarity of many ancient coins is unparalleled in any other numismatic market. Many have single digit surviving populations, which would equate to a multi-million dollar price tag in US coins, but are instead very affordable. The famous rare 1909-S VDB cent, if rated on the scale of ancient coins, would be the most common coin in existence by a wide margin.


Other antiquities are extremely expensive – sculptures regularly realize multi-million dollar prices even in poor condition but coins represent a portable store of immense wealth with the same artistry and historical value as their marble contemporaries.


The time is now: grading services marked the inflection point in US coins, with prices increasing rapidly ever since. Ancient coin grading is just starting and will allow more people to enter the market with the confidence of an unbiased third party opinion on a piece they are considering.


As many of our clients refine their collections and portfolios, they are learning they can sell some pieces to make room for better coins AND realize significant profits on almost every sale.


Looking at manipulated, impersonal stocks or a bank account that is constantly losing purchasing power is disheartening. Remember that certified rare coins are a tangible asset you can hold in your hand, and can be transferred to loved ones privately.  Investing with Coin Trader does not require you proving us your social security number, which is privacy that no other asset class provides.


Until ancient coins, you may have dreamed about finding an investment with such incredible history and enjoyable aesthetics that also acts as a solid income stream and store of wealth. Well guess what?  Sometimes dreams really DO come true.



The Ancient market is adjusting to this new world-wide attention. As more and more demand flows in we see some issues up and some issues down. High-grade trade VERY infrequently and therefore it’s difficult to assess market performance, but if the lower grade items are any indication, these high-grade coins are maintaining well. As opposed to last year’s observations, we notice those less expensive, lower grade coins are now seeing signs of appreciation, as more collectors/investors on limited budgets get into the act.


We’re slightly past the emerging stages of the Ancient market and now the real (but it will be short-lived) focus is on the hard-to-find, highest quality coins that become available for sale. For example, we just acquired a coin for $13,500 that sold at auction for $9,000 three years ago. What the dealer (who sold it to us) didn’t know is the market on this particular rarity is probably $20,000 right now because it is unequivocally the Finest Known for the variety and an extremely rare coin featuring a Roman Emperor who ruled for a few months in the third century AD. It’s a time for bargain hunters for sure.

Rare NGC Certified Ancient Coins

Where are ancient coins collected? The answer to this question, simply put, is everywhere! 

Ancient coins carry with them the history and art of Ancient Greece and Rome, relics of the foundation of Western Civilization. Unlike U.S. coins primarily collected stateside, the international interest in ancient coins reflects the impact of the remarkable history that made Western Civilization what it is. From the earliest coins known to man, to the time of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Christ, and the Byzantine Empire, these coins are tangible pieces of thousands of years of history with immense value, and they are only getting better.



 How to buy the right graded ancient coin



When it comes to buying and selling a coin, one of the greatest challenges is agreeing on an objective quality and the state of preservation. With the 2008 advent of NGC Ancients, NGC has provided a valuable service to the ancient coin market.


“Each coin we receive is rigorously analyzed and graded, with the end result being our objective, third-party assessment of the most important factors that govern a coin’s quality. Then, each coin is professionally encapsulated to protect it for the ages.”

- David Vagi, author and Director of NGC Ancients.

Just as the U.S. coin market experienced phenomenal growth after third-party grading of U.S. coins began in 1986, we have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for NGC-graded ancient coins since 2008, and we foresee further growth as the market continues to mature.

We have seen such phenomenal price performance of low population U.S. coins over the last several years, so it’s only a matter of time before U.S. collectors and investors begin diversifying their numismatic gold holdings with certified ancients. 

Our independent studies of ancient coin values show consistent growth and positive performance. In many cases, the values of ancient coins have doubled in the last ten years. We strongly urge that in addition to bullion, and rare U.S. coins, a truly diversified coin portfolio should include a selection of important graded ancient coins.


Call Victor direct at 504-267-6004 for more information on investing in your first ancient coin or buying an Ancient Coin Portfolio. Ancient coins are the perfect combination of art, history, and rarity. Remarkably private & affordable with a tremendous future - Hold them in your hands today!



Victor Del Giorno

President / CEO, Coin Trader Inc.
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