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About Us


Victor DelGiorno is president and CEO of Coin Trader Inc., a nationally respected, full service precious metals and rare coin firm. Coin Trader is known throughout the U.S. for providing the kind of personal relationship that clients expect in a trusted financial advisor and friend. 


At Coin Trader, Victor strives to ensure clients receive an honest and expert approach to both tangible asset investing and private wealth management. Victor and his team offer an array of products and services, providing their clients the privacy and financial insurance needed in today’s rapidly changing, unpredictable world. Victor’s team asks a lot of questions and takes the time needed to get to know their clients, with the goal to address all of their specific needs.


Serving their clients and their families honorably is a top priority for Victor, who says, “We believe it is significant for you to know that when you work with Coin Trader, you are buying direct from the source, eliminating the unnecessary middleman such as is customary with the big boy retailers advertising on national radio and TV. Unlike those companies, we are always available to buy back your holdings and collections, we believe this is the only way to know that a dealer is honorable.”


Coin Trader specializes in precious metals, PCGS & NGC Certified Rare U.S. Coins, and NGC Certified Ancient Coins, private collection assistance, and other types of hard to find acquisitions. Other signature services include private wealth management, experienced public auction representation, hard asset trust accounts, and tangible asset portfolio development, along with accurate coin, currency, and precious metals appraisals.


As a member of multiple industry associations, including American Numismatic Association (ANA), Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Numistatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC), and Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), Victor takes pride in giving clients fair buy & sell prices on gold and silver bullion, while making available historical and unprecedented selections of certified rare coin treasures. 


Victor designs Coin Trader’s products and services with retirement asset preservation in mind, while working to build their client’s hard earned wealth. Victor suggests customized plans that are designed to help clients have the peace of mind and confidence regardless of economic cycles, catastrophes or anything unexpected.


Coin Trader also provides free numismatic and bullion portfolio evaluations. New and existing clients, who have been accumulating in the past, are invited to receive an updated evaluation of their precious metals and/or rare coin portfolio at no cost. Victor takes extra care to articulate, “All of this is our way of serving you in a digital age in which personal service and attention to detail seems to be a thing of the past. In today's economic, social and geopolitical environment, increasing your holdings, or getting good and honest advice on how to begin, is more important than you may think.”


Victor welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions and offers a private, complimentary, wealth management consultation.


Contact him at: 504-267-6004. For real time gold and silver Spot prices visit:



The "Mind Your Money" podcast. On this show Coin Trader Inc CEO Victor DelGiorno talks about the ways you can protect your wealth with tangible assets. Also, how to buy gold, etc.

All Over The Road is a podcast about everything that we may encounter daily on our own "Roads of Life", and the guys always try to put a comedic spin and give hot takes on the hot button issues. Featuring great interviews with interesting guests. From pop culture to politics, entertainment, sports, and finance, nothing is off limits. 

Engineer/Producer Nick Voebel is a the easy going millennial with all the tech knowledge to make these shows POP AND Victor has over 15 years experience in the radio industry, and has spent the last 20 figuring out life through owning his own small business.   

Get to know the guys and feel free to call our hotline anytime at  and leave us a voicemail question for us to answer on our next episode, nothing is too out of bounds.

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