Trump versus the Federal Reserve

In the wake of his stunning victory in the presidential election, Donald Trump appears embarked upon a pro-growth plan to cut federal taxes and curtail stifling federal regulations. There’s just one problem, the final vestige of establishment power that Mr. Trump has yet to overcome may stand in the way of his anti-establishment plans. The Federal Reserve may stand in his way. In testimony before Congress, in a thinly veiled politicized statement, Fed Chair Janet Yellen, an Obama appointee, claimed that President-elect Trump’s plans would stoke inflation and jack up the US national debt. So what does all this mean for investors? A battle could be brewing, at the same time Trump is trying to boost anemic US economic growth, Fed Chair Yellen could be boosting interest rates, which would suppress economic growth. The result could very well be stagflation—a combination of a rising cost of living with stagnant economic growth. Stagflation appeared once before in modern US history—in the mid-1970s. During the 1970s bout with stagflation, the price of gold skyrocketed and the rare coin market entered a bullish phase. On the other hand, if Trump is able to muscle past Yellen, the result could be an era of prosperity in which rare coins would enjoy increased demand from collectors and investors alike. Recommendation Because of these two possibilities, we recommend that investors take advantage of astonishing bargains in the market for high grade rare gold coins. Rare gold coins represent a unique “double-play” investment in that they provide the intrinsic security of a high gold content combined with profit potential due to their scarcity. Generally, investors should try to obtain the highest graded coins that are available and, today, the best bargains in the rare gold market exist in the “gem” grades of Mint State (MS) 65. Take, for instance for the $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold piece, which contains nearly a full ounce of gold, but was last minted some 100 years ago. In MS65 condition, this coin is currently available at a fraction of its all-time highs. Compared to historical price levels, the value is unmistakable.

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